Nail extensions- it is the use of acrylic or gel to lengthen nails, to fix it with art or any shapes you want.

It is usually done when customer broker 1 or 2 nails and to fix it with extensions to the same original and natural nails. Extensions also are used for occasions or event to show the long nails as to putting nail arts.

2 Types of Extension

A. Tip overlay extensions in gel or acrylic
Will be pasted on customer’s natural nail to give the impression of longer nails.

B. Nail sculpture extensions in gel or acrylic
Form will be customized to required shape, which will then be fitted just beneath free edge and finally a layer overlay of gel or acrylic. Length according to customer’s request.

Nail Extensions overlay

Anything that is applied on top of your natural nails will be considered an overlay, e.g. using tradition gel, soft gel (such as gelish), acrylic, or even normal nail polishes

Infills Extension

Filling in grown out gaps in between cuticle and acrylic/gel.
Fingernails grow at an average rate of 3mm/month and the beautiful designs done will be pushed downwards.

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